Dilworth Redress Programme for Dilworth Old Boy survivors

Dilworth Old Boy survivors of sexual abuse or serious physical abuse can now register to make an application for financial and other forms of redress through the Dilworth Redress Programme (the Programme).

The Programme is available to all Old Boy survivors of sexual abuse or serious physical abuse committed by a Dilworth representative, as well as survivors of sexual abuse committed by another student where a Dilworth representative failed to take reasonable steps to protect against the potential for that abuse, or where the sexual abuse was encouraged or permitted by a Dilworth representative, while a student at Dilworth School.

The family or estate of Old Boy survivors who have died can also make an application for redress.

The Programme is designed to support Old Boy survivors as they make their applications for the various forms of redress, including financial awards, access to counselling and therapy, an apology, and other forms of personalised redress.

The Dilworth Redress Programme is managed independently of Dilworth. Redress determinations are made by three independent Panellists. The independent Redress Panel (the Panel) has no direct involvement with the Dilworth Trust Board, and the Board has no control or influence over the Panel’s decision making or how it carries out its important work.

Former High Court Judge Dame Judith Potter DNZM CBE will chair the Redress Programme Panel. Dame Judith is joined by clinical psychologist Professor Ian Lambie ONZM and governance expert Ms Rukumoana Schaafhausen MNZM.

The Dilworth Redress Programme Terms, which take into account previous feedback provided by Old Boy survivors and the wider Dilworth community, will guide the work of the Panel.

Making an application for redress

The Dilworth Redress Programme is voluntary and there is no obligation to take part, or to accept an offer of redress. It does not cost anything to make an application for redress.

Each applicant will be assisted by a Redress Facilitator, appointed by the Dilworth Redress Programme, who will help the Old Boy survivor prepare an application. If required, interim financial assistance will be provided to cover travel costs associated with applying for redress.

The Redress Facilitators will ensure that each Old Boy survivor has the access they require to support and counselling before, during and after their participation in the Redress Programme process.